Additional teaching and learning for spelling in Key Stage 2

School uses the Read Write Inc spelling programme across Key Stage 2 to further develop children’s learning of spelling. This works alongside their learning in reading and writing. The programme follows many of the approaches and strategies from the Read Write Inc phonics programme so is familiar in learning style for the children.

At the end of Autumn 1, each child was assessed and have now been assigned to a spelling group that best suits their current level. As the scheme progresses, constant assessment will take place to ensure children are moved into different groups as and when suitable.

The new scheme follows a 5 session plan with particular activities happening in each session. These sessions explore not just a particular sound pattern but also word families, suffixes and prefixes applicable to those words and, of course, the spelling.

Each child will have a log book to record words they find tricky and it is these that they will need to practise at home. As with their reading books, these will travel to and from school and the children are expected to practice these. Depending on how tricky they found the words that week, you are likely to find that the number of words they need to practise will vary from week to week.  The traditional weekly test is no more and instead a constant cycle of practise, games and application will take place and allow children to see their progress.

However, at the end of a group of units (timings vary per class), children will be given an opportunity to showcase their progress in an assessment of 20 words, which will also include learning from previous year groups.

As always, we ask that you encourage your child to access their log book frequently and practise their words in whichever way they prefer. However, new for 2021/22, children now have access to additional ‘Extra Practice Zone’ online and have a suggested timetable to activities to complete for each week. This can be found in the back of their spelling log books. 

Parents can access further information on supporting their children with learning spelling via the link below.