Following our children that are still attending school during mainstream closure.

Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th May

We have made paper plate turtles, painted and sprinkled sand onto our pictures, made jigsaws, put our footprints in the sand, had fun in the mud kitchen and sandpit and danced to super movers.

Tuesday 26th May

1 – 3. Miss Goatman’s HIIT workout this morning in the sunshine!
4 – 5 KS1 storytime- Stanley’s Stick.
6 – 9. We went outside and found our own sticks, came up with names for them and wrote down what our sticks were! (Magic sword, boomerang, walking stick, and a fishing rod to name a few!)
10 – 12. KS1 maths games.
13 We made Miss Searle a new headband!
14. What do you think?Researching different whales and sharks.
15 – 17. Using the meter rulers and ourselves to measure out the lengths of different whales and sharks!
18 – 20. Making a start to our beach-themed artwork