Remote education provision for Roche CP School during Spring term lockdown 2021

If you are struggling with home learning provision please email the class teachers directly using the new class email addresses or email Mr Walden.


We are dedicated to continuing school provision for as many critical worker and vulnerable children as we can during this lockdown period. We want to ensure that the learning experience of children who are attending school is tailored to their needs, continues their learning and progress and is enjoyable and engaging.

At the same time we want to ensure that children who unfortunately can’t attend school are still accessing new learning, practising core skills and are also engaged in enjoyable activities.

We acknowledge the pressure that parents and carers are under in delivering home learning and have therefore identified as much learning as possible that can be accessed independently using learning resources that children are already familiar with.

Remote learning provision

We have responded to feedback from parents and carers who are working at home and who are struggling to meet children’s learning needs by focusing provision as much as possible on the use of online learning platforms that all children in school are familiar with and able to access independently.

We have ensured that all of the learning platforms that focus on key skills in English and maths are available at home for children to access at all times.

We have also invested in additional resources for reading as this is the area of learning that we cannot let slip during lockdown.

Teaches have planned a full timetable of learning. This was issued to all families prior to lockdown and has been revised in light the January conditions. The learning can be accessed immediately as all children have all of their remote log in details at home already.

The timetable includes a daily PE activity as we feel strongly that exercise is important to maintain for mental health and wellbeing during this challenging time.

In addition to the familiar online activities all teachers have sent home a topic grid which contains a selection of activities from the broader planned curriculum that are designed to be accessible to all children. Children can select the activities they want to do first as they work through the grid this half term.

I an addition to these everyday familiar activities we are using learning delivered by the Oak Academy online platform to introduce new learning. These activities run in sequences on a weekly basis thus enabling children who may need provision in an emergency isolation scenario to drop straight in to online learning and pick up without having to back track missed learning. The Oak Academy learning also follows a familiar set delivery pattern that makes learning easily accessible.

In the first instance this learning will be used to focus on English and maths but as children become familiar with it they will be directed to learn from lessons in a broader range of topics. Please note that the broader curriculum learning assigned to year groups on Oak Academy doesn’t align with the planned curriculum in school for this term. Teachers will identify lessons on the correct topic and notify home learners.

Teachers will assign individual pupils within their cohort to the differentiated level of learning that best fits their ability. This may need to be adjusted as children work though units and feedback is gained. Your child may well be assigned to access learning in English from a different year group than they are in at school. A child may have learning assigned to them in English and maths from different year groups to accurately differentiate the level.

Feedback and monitoring

Teachers are able to monitor on a daily basis the frequency with which children are accessing the online learning platforms that they usually access in school. In cases where it is clear that not enough learning is taking place at home teachers will contact parents to discuss reasons and offer support.

For the duration of lockdown school has set up individual class email addresses to facilitate simple communication between themselves and pupils. Pupils email in examples of work from Oak learning for feedback and support where required. If a child is struggling teachers will set up individual TEAMS or ZOOM meetings to support children.

We have planned in line with guidance for key stage 2 children to have 4 hours of learning accessible to them a day and for younger children to have 3 hours available. The nature of the learning is that it can be accessed in any order and at different times of the day. This will hopefully support parents and carers who are working from home in structuring the day and provide parents and carers the opportunity to establish their own timetable with children. This is especially important for families with siblings.

Access to devices for home learning

We are aware that in a range of circumstances there are reasons why access to a device to enable online learning is an issue. School has made available Kindles and 20 laptops for children to use at home. Please email Mr Walden if you require one. They are available immediately for collection from the office. If you have issues with any aspect of technology at home or in accessing learning please email or phone school and we will assist you.

Remote education for self-isolating pupils

Where individual pupils need to self-isolate but the majority of their peer group remains in school children will be able to access all of the online resources including Oak academy resources as described above. All of these resources are available for all children at all times.

In this event the teacher will decide on a differentiated level of learning for the child to access from the Oak Academy resources. Pupils will be able to email in examples of their work for teachers to give feedback.

Additional support for pupils with particular needs and vulnerabilities

In some cases children may struggle to access the curriculum or may require additional support. Where children normally receive 1:1 support for learning we will endeavour to provide that support in school. We want them to attend. In instances where children are not attending they will still be able to access all of the online resources including Oak academy assigned at an appropriate level. In addition their 1:1 support worker or their teacher or the school’s SENCO will hold a TEAMS meeting with them each week.

We are aware of the needs of our children and the instances where for a range of reasons a child may be regarded as being vulnerable. In these cases school will endeavour to make a place and support available for children in school. If they don’t attend school then regular contact will be kept with the family by Mr Walden, class teachers, SENCO or 1:1 support workers.


Please find our remote learning policies below.

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