Autumn 2021 update

The curriculum development work that was started nearly two years ago is now ready to embed across all year groups. The content of the wider curriculum has changed in response to our evaluation and we think it is now richer than before. For example we have strengthened art across all year groups as we have identified that children experiencing being part of a creative process and understanding how other people are, and have been creative through art is an important aspect of well being as well as developing their cultural capital.

Reading runs as a thread through all class curriculums with whole class texts and shared reading texts used to develop a love of reading, the teaching of reading and to contextualise wider curriculum study. For example in Year 4, Kaspar, the story of the ship’s cat onboard the Titanic is the class text alongside a history unit about the ship.

Our Intent for the curriculum continues to reflect aspects of recovery where we are aiming to address lost learning from two lockdowns. However, we don’t talk to the children about ‘catching up’ or ‘recovering’ as we feel this is detrimental to them and places them under undue pressure. We are always evaluating our progress and will look to reduce the frequency of recovery activities such as additional phonics in the curriculum as soon as we feel that children are able to make progress at the right level.

Summer 2021 update

The children’s attitude to learning and attendance in summer term has been superb. They have shown awareness of the need to make rapid improvements in writing to get back to the standard that was being achieved prior to the pandemic. Writing has been identified by all teachers as the aspect of the curriculum that has suffered the most and threrefore has been given extra emphasis and time this term.

School continued to deliver a curriculum of additional phonics across Key stage 1 which has had great impact on rates of progress.

The curriculum has been reinvigorated by the availability of off site learning experiences becoming accessible again and school has fully exploited this. We felt that these experiences were vital in reengaging children in learning and broadening their opportunities.

Spring Lock down update January 2021

Our catch up curriculum had been in place throughout autumn term and assessment was demonstrating real progress in getting learning back on track. Lessons learnt from the first lock down had resulted in daily PE lessons and greater application of online learning platforms and resources being used throughout school. Whilst the catch up curriculum had a focus on core learning in English and maths, topics and broader curriculum activities were back in place. We had also gone ahead with the introduction of our new PSHE curriculum as planned.

The second lock down in January was expected. We already had all of our remote learning resources in place and parents and carers had been issued their timetables at the end of autumn term in case of such an event.

Our focus again was strongly on maintaining daily phonics and daily English and maths activities. We again used the topic boards that had been successful in the spring to provide broader curriculum activities that complimented learning in school and where possible the planned curriculum. We have subsequently used online Oak Academy lessons to provide science, art and history lessons in the planned topic areas for this half term. These lessons reflect the learning that the critical worker/vulnerable children cohorts in school are doing.

Teacher held remote clinic sessions with all children catching up on learning from Oak academy lessons as well as delivering shared reading activities, maths lessons and writing conferences. These activities were vital in keeping contact with children over this extended period of time.

Curriculum content that was missed from the first lock down has already been identified. Missed curriculum from this lock down will be audited a plan put in place to ensure coverage of content is achieved.

Curriculum Intent statement

(Recovery Plan)

Learning is structured within a curriculum that is designed to be engaging, enjoyable and rich with experiences and meaningful contexts for learning. The development of Reading and skills in English and Mathematics is at the core of the curriculum. The drive for progress is everything!

We recognise the need for learners to catch up on lost learning. The curriculum must fill gaps in content and place greater emphasis on the skills and knowledge that will enable children to achieve this catch up and make progress. The curriculum will therefore reflect greater emphasis on learning in core areas that underpin all learning.

We want our children to become confident, independent, driven and resilient learners and young people. Teaching is designed to nurture and champion these attributes.

In catching up on missed content the curriculum will also emphasise and strengthen independent learning skills, thinking about learning and children’s understanding of how they learn best.

We want our children to learn and demonstrate the values of kindness, respect, tolerance and consideration for others.

PSHE will be developed in all year groups with an emphasis on education about relationships and children’s understanding of National and global initiatives such as talking about mental health and the Black Lives Matter campaign.

We want our children to know how to keep themselves and others safe and healthy

Developing children’s understanding of physical activity as being key to good mental and physical health and well-being.